"Paint the Box" Utility Art Box Program

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Simple to Beautiful...

"Paint the Box" is being implemented by the city's Economic Development Department in partnership with the Nampa Arts Commission. The program is designed to enhance the community, both in commercial and residential areas, by adding works of art to the streetscapes on surfaces that are often targeted by graffiti vandals, such as; traffic utility boxes.  Artwork on traffic signal boxes function as a form of communication to a moving audience with the goal of creating a safe, inclusive and interesting environment.

Beyond adding to Nampa's spirit of inspiration, community and innovation, these boxes are meant to beautify, inspire, and promote recognition and celebration of local artists, art students, and those of all ages interested in growing their creativity.  The individual boxes may vary in theme and technique depending on the artist, but as the program is city-wide, "Paint the Box" will become a dynamic art installation in itself.

Artwork will be obtained through commissioned artists, donated artwork, and volunteer artists. Funding for this program is provided by Grants from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and from Community Development Block Grants.

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Donations & Community Projects (ARTWORK OR SPONSORING)

Donated artwork may consist of art students, school coordinated projects, organizations, artists, and all other creative individuals that are inspired to submit their design. If you are interested in more information on donating art, or coordinating a project through your school, please send us an email.

Cash donations or sponsorships are also appreciated and would be put towards the cost of artwork and/or outside production fees and services. Your donation may also be contributed towards a specific box/location, as requested. A plaque with "funding provided by...." will be affixed to the pedestal of the utility box. If you are interested in donating towards the "Paint the Box" program or would like to donate sponsor a specific traffic utility box in your area, please send us an email with your interest.


Initial Application Process

The City will send out a Call to Artists as funding allows to invite all skilled and talented artists residing in Nampa and the surrounding Treasure Valley to submit their application.

Artists must reside in the Nampa, Canyon County, Ada County, Boise, or surrounding area.
  1. Artists send in a minimum of five digital visual examples of past work, letter of interest and resume (72 dpi jpgs) by the deadline on the Call to Artist publication.
  2. Selected Artists will be paid $700 to design one mural each, featuring a theme of the community and its contribution to the city as a whole, such as arts, music, community events, outdoors, history, culture, and special attractions. Artists DO not fabricate or install the final art on the box.
  3. The fabricator will take the artist designs (which can be prepared as illustrations, paintings, computer designed images, quilts, mosaics, photographed sculptures or photographs), transform them into a vinyl wrap, and then apply them to the traffic boxes.
  4. Artworks will be celebrated with an unveiling dedication.

Design Criteria for Selected Artists

  • Use the template provided to propose a design concept. Be aware that some changes to the design may be required to accommodate site requirements.
  • Design must include all visible sides of the traffic signal box.
  • Designs must not be offensive, or contain any representations of traffic lights, signs or signals.
  • If the design is to include text, it must be included in the design. The traffic signal box may not be used for advertisement or to promote a business or personal viewpoint.
  • Designs may not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, images of illegal activity or involve the attachment of any object(s) to the box.
  • Designs should not mimic or take the style of tags or graffiti.
  • The finished artwork(s) will be in the public domain and therefore may be vandalized. Accordingly artists should be thoughtful about having large open areas in the design - for example, large areas of blue skies might give a vandal the perfect spot to deface the work.
  • Art submissions shall contain a basic design statement, for each design submitted, briefly explaining your design
  • Selected artists will be subject to signing a public art agreement through the City of Nampa and be held subject to the those requirements, deadlines and restrictions
Artists may submit more than one design proposal. A statement for each design must be submitted. Do not bind application materials or put them in a notebook or folder. Do not send any materials not specifically requested (i.e. photographs, transparencies, DVDs/videos, articles). If sent, they will not be reviewed by the selection panel.


The Traffic Box Art Program is designed to enhance the area by adding works of art to the streetscapes on surfaces that are often targeted by graffiti vandals. Artwork on traffic signal boxes function as a form of communication to a moving audience with the goal of creating a safe, inclusive and interesting urban environment. Successful proposals will foster community pride and convey the sense of the Nampa community. When designing your artwork, think of the vitality of The District or neighborhood and its contribution to the city as a whole, such as arts, music, community events, outdoors, history, culture, and special attractions.

Artist Eligibility

The project is open to artists residing in Nampa, Canyon County, Ada County, Boise, and surrounding Treasure Valley area. All eligible applicants, regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality, age, origin or disability, will be considered. If you are unsure about eligibility, contact our office before applying.


Call Robin Collins at 208-468-5416, or send an email inquiry

Terms, Conditions & Reservation of Rights

This Call to Artists does not commit the City of Nampa (City) to enter into an agreement with any applicant and is not an offer for contract. All City arts programs are contingent upon availability of funds. At its sole discretion, the City may reject any or all applications, may modify or terminate the application or selection processes and without prior notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, applicant shall retain all copyright in the work which may be held by applicant. The applicant certifies that the information contained in the application is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge. The City is not responsible for damage or loss of materials submitted. Failure to comply with all the requirements of this RFP will constitute an invalid application. The City reserves the right at any time to supplement, amend or otherwise modify this solicitation and to request additional information from any participating artists for any reason and without prior notice. In addition, the City reserves the right to accept or reject at any time prior to the commissioning of a work, any or all proposals; to waive any defect or technicality; and to advertise for new requests for qualifications.